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Cute story of Lucky Lucky was a homeless puppy. We found him in an abandoned house in Jarabacoa with a horrible mange causing sangreamento in various parts of his body. He was malnourished and very afraid of being a victim of abuse. We took him to the vet and an internal hard month under treatment. Here […]


Cute story of Pirate Piratita was a puppy at a young age knew what was pain and indifference, was a bag of bones when we found it, veterinarians who saw him said that the quality of his little teeth were those of a dog old, how bad it was. HE […]

El Negro

Cute story of The Black black When I grab a dog, both were behind a bitch I go into heat and both were after her, his wound was days ago, infected and full of worms. Their owners had no money to take him to the vet. The black was cured and neutered, returned to [...]


Cute story of Lila This is the story of Lila, she was found on a summer day, on a road in the middle of nowhere walking desolate, with the last strength she had, she was dragged on the asphalt by a motor or car., All his belly, front and hind legs, [...]


Cute story Trix This is the story of Trix, beautiful calica cat with green eyes, she had owners but just did not want it more, said they would travel and return, meanwhile left in the veterinary, but the months passed and they never came for her, and then I saw was [...]


Cute story floffy This is the story of floffy, she was found on the beach Portillo in Las Terrenas, in a draft vacation rentals, where there were about 10 stray dogs, had threatened to kill all dogs if not we drew there, so it was that we were seeking him home [...]